You might need an MRI after CT Scan after the doctor has suspected any abnormalities and needs further scanning. It can be used to look at most areas of the body. Some parts of the body can be seen better in MRI than in CT scans. MRI has an upper hand in producing clearer and better pictures. It can be used to look out for a tumor, find out if cancer has spread, look for the blood flow, to look out for whether the ongoing treatment is working well or not.

MRI scanning is done with a special dye to make the pictures stand out it is particularly good for brain tumors, primary bone tumors, tumors affecting the spinal cord, etc.

You would want an MRI instead of a CT Scan because it can give the doctor all the information that is needed. Primarily, MRI is better than CT to see if the tissues are impacted or not.

How to prepare for an MRI Scan?

Before filling in for the appointment for the test, make sure to tell the doctor about the past medical history. Tell them about any operations you undergo in the past if you have any metal implants or any other metals in your body. An MRI scan is known to use strong magnetism, which can adversely influence any metal in the body. If there are surgical clips, pins or plates, cochlear implants, pacemakers or implantable defibrillators, presence of metal fragments in the body, etc. Well, one can still have an MRI scan with these implants, but it will be your doctor and radiologist to decide if it’s safe for you.

An MRI has proven to be safe during pregnancy. Not advised to have one during the first three months of the pregnancy. When you arrive at the scanning department, the radiographer/technician might ask you to change into a hospital gown. You will be asked to remove any jewelry, body piercings, watch, hair clips, leave out coins and keys. It is safe to take a relative or friend with you in the scanning room.

The MRI procedure is painless and easy. You are expected to lie still during the MRI scan. Tell them if you are stiff, and you have the urge to move. Get comfortable in the right position of the couch and your radiographer will leave the room. The couch will move inside through the MRI scanner. It will start taking pictures as you are moving through it. The radiographer must ask if you can hold your breath at different points so that images are produced in a clear manner.

The scanner makes a loud thumping noise when it’s working during the scan. Do not worry, you can use your headphones. You can always protect your hearing. Keep your eyes closed and do not move, meanwhile the procedure can take place smoothly.

An MRI is a very safe scan as it doesn’t use radiation. You can expect to get your results within 1 or 2 weeks. Be in touch with your doctor and tell them about the test, or you are anxious.