Open MRI Machines/Systems - available at Images Diagnostic Center, Kuwait


If you know, O Scan is the perfect solution for high- end- extreme MRIs. At Images Diagnostic Center this particular scan type aims at providing excellent image quality, simple service and is easy to use.

It is the best open MRI machine in Kuwait -suited for the claustrophobic patients. Keeping in mind their comfort they have a compact magnet which is equipped with a comfortable chair for the patient covering all limbs, joints such as knee, elbow, foot etc.


This type of scan is the real winner in the game of MRI. In other words, S Scan is the open MRI machine that covers the complete musculoskeletal examination from foot to shoulders along with L and C-Spine.

It is cost effective as well as an effective system that has eXP technology that allows to have twenty analysis/examinations per day. S Scan suits today’s needs in terms of economic health and is the most appropriate option when one is looking for MRI centers in Kuwait.