Frequently Asked Questions

General Questions

The magnet makes a gentle tapping sound as images are being taken; between scans the machine is quiet. Inform the technologist if you are particularly sensitive to sound. You may want to bring in your favorite relaxing music CD to listen to or a DVD movie to watch during your MRI exam.

Most insurance plans cover the cost for Radiology and MRI exams when a patient has physician’s orders. You may want to contact your personnel office at work or your insurance agent to find out if your specific plan covers by them.

That will depend on what is being studied. Typical exams are fast with Optima and less than 20 minutes.

No. since MRI is non-invasive, the exam is completely painless. However, your doctor may order a contrast agent as part of your test. If this is the case, you will receive a simple injection during the exam.

Generally yes, if her physicians feel it is warranted. Scanning during the first trimester, however it is not advised