EOS X-Ray Imaging System/Machines

What is EOS?

EOS is highly efficient as this imaging system uses low does of radiation compared to the other MRIs. It can give the physicians a better hand to preplan the treatment for the children which can bring out effective results. An EOS scan can effectively show the child’s natural weight bearing posture and even allows us to see the interaction between joints and hips, spine and legs.

Some of the benefits of EOS images are?

  • EOS imaging is beneficial and effective and a better option because its ultra – lower dose of radiation than general radiography X-ray plus gives out highly-detailed images. EOS helps to make more informed diagnoses to create and manifest specific treatment plans for the children suffering from musculoskeletal disorders.
  • At Images Diagnostic Center we take every safety measure and precautions to reduce children’s direct exposure to radiation while performing tests and procedures. With EOS – Expect best imaging services along with our commitment to safety.
  • The dose of radiation is two to three times less than a general radiography X-ray and approximately 20 times less than the basic CT (Computed Tomography) scans.

  • Children with spinal deformities like Scoliosis need to be imaged frequently  and for that purpose EOS micro-dose is the best possible option available. The EOS micro dose introduced by CHOP was very effective as this dose uses only one-third of the standard radiation dose making this scan highly effective.
  • Expect better diagnostics and accuracy with EOS.
  • EOS is helpful to the physicians as they can have a better evaluation of the balance and posture and effectively analyze the bones, ligaments, joints from varied multiple angles. EOS helps in 3D weight bearing images of children standing upright will give a better view to the limbs and spinal cord.
  • Lastly, EOS enables us to view all the areas of the body with one single image. In a nutshell, it gives an accurate view of the musculoskeletal system which in turns results in better planning.

EOS scan in Kuwait is available at the Images Diagnostic Center.