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What is an X-Ray?

A quick , painless test that produces images of the structures inside your body- particularly your bones is done through X-ray.

X-ray beams pass through your body during this examination and they are absorbed in different varied amounts mainly depending on the density of material they pass through.

Do you know? Dense materials show up in results as white on X- ray, the air in the lung is shown as black whereas the fat and muscle are shown as shades of grey.

For greater details on images- Barium and Iodine are used as contrast medium.


  • Detecting Fractures and Infections- most of the fractures and infections in bones are shown up clearly on the X-rays.
  • It helps to reveal the bone tumors which in turn helps to detect bone cancer.
  • Bone density measurement can be done with some types of X-rays.
  • Arthritis can be revealed by having an x- ray of the joints (المفاصل بالأشعة السينية)


  • Detecting Lung infection/conditions – Diseases like Pneumonia, Lung Cancer , Tuberculosis can easily show up on the chest X-Rays.
  • Examining Breast Cancer – Mammography is a highly efficient type of x-ray detecting the breast tissues.
  • Enlarged Heart – Congestive heart failure can be seen on the x-rays.
  • Blocked or Clogged Blood Vessels – The contrast medium Iodine can highlight the sections of the circulatory systems to be seen on X-rays.


  • Detecting Digestive Tract Problems – issues in the digestive tract can be made visible if the contrast medium Barium is delivered in a drink or an enema.
  • Swallowed items/stuff – if someone has swallowed a key, coin or anything solid not made for the human body can be seen on the X-ray.

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