Cardiac MRI and CT - Images Diagnostic Center

Cardiac MRI

If you are suffering from chest pain or have a history which detects a cardiac disease ? Get your first MRI done.

A cardiac MRI is the effective evaluation of the heart by using a specialized MRI machine. Gives you accurate results of your heart ‘s structure and functions also the major blood vessels within the chest.

Why should you have this test?

  • Further evaluation of structures and movements around the heart.
  • To monitor heart muscle thickness and function and heart size. Valve disease, Cardiomyopathy, Chemotherapy etc require frequent repeat assessments.
  • If bypass surgery or angioplasty can improve the heart muscle damaged from the heart attack.

Cardiac CT

Mostly doctors use Cardiac CT to detect heart problems.  A painless test that gives out detailed pictures of the heart.

While examining the heart this machine moves around the body in circles. Thereby, taking pictures of each part of the heart. A computer does the task of putting the pictures together to make a 3- dimensional image of the heart. The benefits of Cardiac CT are useful in many ways.

128 slices per rotation are produced with this latest technological innovation. Images Diagnostic Center can be trusted for the Cardiac CT testing in Kuwait.