With digital X-ray scanner (الأشعة السينية الرقمية ), there are many advantages added to the life of everyone. Immediate image production, interactive display on a monitor that has the ability to enhance the image features and make direct measurements, well-defined integrated storage, security of available back-up, a duplicate of images can be produced.

X-ray enhancement- Digital X-rays will let you control the exposure of each image on a real-time basis, One can take images. Make it darker or lighter than per your wish or demand. One can enlarge images, make the required enhancements to the color and textures as required. Basically, these features will improve the ability to detect the disease and tell about the current state. It can also provide immediate visuals about the patient’s education. This process adds to faster diagnosis and aims for a greater treatment plan of acceptance.

 No need for chemical developers – Honestly, Nobody likes to deal with harmful chemicals and fix solutions. Digital radiography has eliminated the automatic film processors that involved odor, long hours of work, and space.

Digital X-ray Scanners are easier to use– If you are wondering why this change to digital wasn’t made earlier? Well, everyone is. Many doctors, dentists will generally agree that digital radiography is easier, cleaner, and way -too- faster than any conventional radiography. With a small amount of training, people can be well-equipped with the methods of digital radiology.

 Digital X-rays\ use 75%less radiation than conventional ones- Today many patients are concerned about exposure to radiation. Well, conventional radiography can put you across various disadvantages. Patients who use digital x-rays for their healthcare have a high care of, as they are subjected to low risk of cancer and radiation.

Expect enhanced X-ray quality-One can expect clarity in the images of digital radiology. The process of digital X-rays has eventually improved the image quality, and it has surpassed the traditional film. By bringing out the tiny imperfections that might have occurred.

 Digital Scanners help in saving uptime – X-Ray images are scanned instantly and are ready to view on the computer. There is no need to thumb through various files and get the image. With digital scanners, the images are just a few clicks away. If you require sending an X-ray to another specialist, one needs to make a duplicate file and share it. Digital Scanners have made the work easy. Occurred due on the film but have been missed.

Digital radiology uses equipment with live X-rays and this can help judge the performance for  yourself-Emergence with new technology has brought health care to a new level. The technological advancements have surged in digital radiology. Well, there is no doubt why companies are investing in medical practitioners and X-ray systems. X-ray machines have the ability to avoid transports and extra movements of the patients. The use of portable X-ray has various benefits for providers as well as patients These digital scanners have made easy the well-being of the patients.