CT Scan -Computed Tomography scan procedure  allows doctors to see inside your body. A combination of X-rays and computers is used mainly to create pictures of the organs,bones and various other tissues.Well, CT Scans show more detailed pictures than the X-Ray.Usually the procedure does not take a very long time and it does not hurt.

The computer provides a series of images from many varied different angles. It stacks the scans one on top of another to create a detailed image of the various parts of the human body.When a surgeon is preparing for an operation he uses CT scan ( الاشعة المقطعية )  to look at all the sides of the infected area and proceed towards a treatment.

One is usually advised not to eat or drink for a few hours before the CT Scan. Removing of all the metal objects- such as the jewellery is usually recommended before the Ct Scan. A radio technologist usually performs the CT Scan while the patient lies patiently on a table inside a large circular machine.No movement or fidgeting by the patient is advised by the doctor or it can blur the images produced. Staying still and holding on to breathe at times will create a successful CT Scan.

In a CT Scan dense substances like bones are very easily seen but it is difficult to see and look out for soft tissues. They are very slightly seen in the images produced.To make the soft seen visible a contrast material is used. They block the X-rays and appear white on the CT- Scan making prominent highlights on blood vessels, organs or any other parts. If you know, contrast materials are usually made of iodine or barium sulfate.

You might receive the contrast material through Injections– The drugs are injected directly to the vein.Blood vessels, Gall Bladder, Urinary Tract, and liver will stand out. Through Orally – drinking a liquid that will enhance the digestive tract etc.

What is a CT scan used for?

  1. CT scans can easily detect bone and joint problems – like complex bone fractures, tumors etc.
  2. A rough car accident that may cause internal injuries and they are usually spotted on CT Scan.
  3. Conditions like cancer, heart disease, emphysema, or enlarged liver masses can be seen if the doctor wants to see for any changes.
  4. Doctors can compare the Ct scans done over a period of time to check and diagnose if the certain treatments are working or not. For example – Scans over a tumor over a period of time can give a detailed look to whether the treatments are working or not.
  5. Tumor, Blood Clot, or infection can be easily located by CT Scan.
  6. CT Scans procedure to act as a guide for other procedures such as biopsies, surgeries, and radiation therapy.
  7. One of the fastest and most accurate tools with acute symptoms such as chest or abdominal pain or difficulty breathing.

The history of X-ray computed tomography started in 1917. It was the mathematical theory of Radon Transform. The first commercial CT scanner was invented by Godfrey Hounsfield in the year 1972.